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Miami / Florida

Miami is one of the most popular tourist cities in the US and is included on the wish list of many avid globetrotters. Those who follow the American film industry and TV shows are familiar with Miami, thanks to numerous scenes shot on Ocean Drive and South Beach. These locations are also known for their entertainment options; the vibrant life that starts during the day goes well into the night. However, don’t be fooled into thinking that Miami is only a loop of sea and sand . But yes, Miami is generally alive and kicking, and since entertainment is as essential in the American way of life as ketchup, it can come your way in many unexpected ways during your visit in Miami. 
For instance, the colorful façades of the buildings in Wynwood painted by graffiti artists should be enough to put a smile on your face. However, the same colors may surprise you when they’re sprayed on everyone at the Life in Color festival, coating them in an array of shades and colors. Miami is also the home of monster truck races, where pick-up trucks with wheels the height of an adult man race at speed. If you ask us where to begin your trip in this city, our answer would be the same as everyone else’s: South Beach.


A Nature Fest
After a panoramic Nairobi tour, we are ready for a safari. First, some brief statistics. Kenya is home to some of Africa’s most beautiful national parks. Bounded by the Siria Escarpment and watered by the Mara River, Masai Mara is the first spot that springs to mind at the mention of safari in Kenya. This reserve, which covers a close to 1,500- square-kilometer area in the north of the Serengeti Plain, promises visitors a nature fest. From lions to giraffes, you’ll have a chance to get close to animals species you’ve never seen before in your life.
The Rift Valley north of Nairobi is a Kenya must-see. There are some very unusual bird species on Lake Naivasha in Crater Lake Park, located around a volcanic crater. Not to mention a goodly number of hippos as well. Another treasure in the valley is the spectacular natural landscape at Hell’s Gate, which you can explore either on foot or by bicycle. Rock climbing is also popular here. If you climb Fischer’s Tower in particular, you will be rewarded with stunning views.


A Walk In Tokyo
Tokyo is a city where one should and can (it’s safe!) unleash their fear of the unknown and take a walk in random direction. It is amazing how many little attractions you will find, from cute stores to ancient shrines and in particular food too.
At the top of the culinary world, Tokyo boasts Michelin three-star rated 13 restaurants. Make a good use of your jetlag and start your day early at the Tsukiji fish market packed with over 400 stores.
At the end of the fancy neighborhood of Omotesando, is the Nezu museum. It opened its doors in 1941, and comprises of more than 7,000 Japanese and other Asian pre-modern arts. The building designed by architest Kuma Kengo is surprisingly modern and its Japanese garden alone is worth a visit.  
From Omotesando, Meiji shrine is in a walkable distance with an impressive coffee shops on the way. On Cat Street, a home of street fashion is The Roastery. A cup of artisanal coffee served there is just delightful.

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